Amazing Tips to Boost up Your Beauty Sleep


Sure, everyone knows that you should drink a bunch of water, wash your face, and moisturize–but did you know that you can use the hours while you’re asleep to really help your skin to be it’s best?  They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing! Read on for our favorite tips and tricks on how you can snooze your way to gorgeous!


Everyone knows that the number 1 nighttime skin sin is to go to bed with makeup on and blocking your pores. But here’s something that you probably didn’t know – using a makeup remover oil or cream before using your regular skin-specific cleanser will make sure that your skin is both makeup-free and totally clean.


Use the hours you’re in bed to let your most powerful products sink into your skin. For anti-aging and some acne concerns, vitamin A retinoid treatments are the most effective, but they can be very expensive and shouldn’t be used if you are pregnant, have very sensitive skin, or are using Benzoyl peroxide products at night.

Retinol products are often more affordable, but there are a host of serums and creams for individual skin needs.


After your treatment sinks in, layer on a rich nighttime facial moisturizer to help keep your skin from getting dehydrated during the several hours of no water intake. Top with an eye cream to prevent wrinkles and lighten dark circles if necessary, and swipe on a moisturizing lip balm.

Apply a rich cream onto hands and feet, but limit the glove and sock treatment to once a week, and never if you have a cuticle or other injury. Although gloves and socks help the cream penetrate skin, the warm wet environment can be a breeding ground for bacteria.


Avoid alcohol and salty foods right before bed to reduce waking up puffy. If you can’t resist (and let’s be honest, we all have trouble resisting from time to time) and do indulge late at night, try to prop yourself up a bit more than usual and sleep as upright as possible to prevent excess fluid buildup around your eyes.

While it sounds super luxe – investing in a silk or satin pillowcase will help you to avoid setting wrinkles into your skin.  I’m a creature of habit, but if you can, try to switch up the side of your face that you sleep on. And don’t forget to wash your pillowcase once a week to avoid breakouts!

You can also try tying a silk scarf around your hair to prevent hair breakage as well as hair oils from getting on your skin.  Finally, consider using a humidifier for even more nighttime hydration.

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